Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am a Gleek

As you may already know, my weekday evenings tend to exist as follows:
Arrive home at 5:45.
Change into pajamas by 6:00.
Find the local and national news and watch from 6:00 until 7:00 (this is to insure I am aware of something going on in this world)
Make and eat dinner from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm (while watching BravoTV reruns)
Settle in and watch anywhere from two to three more hours of TV 8:00 pm - 11ish

That being said, the only TV DVDs I have bought on my own have been the majority of my Friends DVDs (just completed my collection with Season 2 from my brother for Christmas!). I am not one to wait impatiently for the random Tuesday that the "hot new" TV show comes out on DVD like I am for, say, the latest Britney Spears album. Yes, I bought every Britney album, except the first one, on the Tuesday that it came out -- even if it meant playing hooky from last period to go to Media Play to buy "Oops . . . I did it Again" so I could return to school in time to rock it from the Cabrio as I left the parking lot.

However, that changed yesterday when I used my lunch hour (I mean, lunch half-hour) to run to Best Buy and buy the Glee DVD and have spent the past two nights deviating from the above schedule to watch episode after episode of my new most-favorite TV show. Filled with songs I love and people I enjoy looking at for hours on end (helloooo Finn!), one could say I am obsessed. I already have April 13th in my calendar for the premiere of next season and I just hope the writers, producers, directors, etc. don't screw it up before then.

When the show returns this Spring, I better see more sparks between Finn and Rachel, less of Mr. Shuester's home life, and a surplus of Sue's snide comments. If not, at least I have thirteen episodes + behind the scene's footage to keep me company. However, just like Mr. Schuester and Emma had faith in "New Directions" at Sectionals, I have faith that Glee's creators will not ruin a good thing like Lost's did.

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