Saturday, October 10, 2009

364 Days

I realize the cooler thing would have been to write this post yesterday and have it named "365 Days" but I was too busy spending each hour yesterday thinking about where I would be in exactly one year. Yesterday marked the one year mark for Robbie's and my wedding so as I told him, "Happy -1 Year Anniversary!"

I would look at the clock yesterday and think about how at 1 pm I will be getting into my dress, at 3 pm I will be walking down the aisle, at 4 pm Robbie will no longer be a single man, at 6:30 pm we will be greeting our guests, and at 10 pm I will be "backing that ass up" on the dance floor . . . it will be magical.

In order to not go crazy for the next year, I have placed a brief hiatus on wedding planning and will pick back up again in January. I feel that we have done the most important things -- ceremony will be at the Duke Chapel (confirmed), reception at the Washington Duke (confirmed), rehearsal dinner at the Angus Barn (confirmed), really good photographer (confirmed -- Kristin Byrum photography), officiant of my choice (confirmed), wedding party notified, and budget is set (hopefully confirmed). I think I can sit back now and enjoy the next few months through Fall and the Holiday season and get excited for a 2010 of wedding planning.

Robbie and I are both very blessed with our family and friends and each day I realize more and more how lucky we are to have each other. I've been listening to that Michael Buble song "Everything" and it is true that in these crazy times, it's rare to find someone with which you can share everything. I am looking forward to the next forever with RLS3, but also am grateful for each day we have together now while still cherishing the journey that led us to where we are in our relationship today.

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