Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Let's Get it Started

This is a big week for me for two reasons (don't question why I am only discussing this now, on a Wednesday, when there are only two more days left in the week). Both reasons are equally important to me and both reasons revolve around two very crucial fixtures in my life -- Robbie and TV.

I'll address the latter first. TV. Those of you who know me can attest to my obsession with all things reality TV (and a few sitcoms and dramas thrown in). My routine after 6:00 pm is to be in front of the television set anticipating that nights' shows. I read with one eye on the set, I eat dinner with both eyes on the set and I surf the Internet with neither eye on the set, only a quick glance up every now and again so that I do not miss a critical plot twist, immunity challenge or rose ceremony. In fact, part of the reason for starting this blog was to divert my interest in a more emotionally satisfying direction away from mindless starting at a talking box. Well, all I have to say is thank God for DVR.

Now, why is this week a big week for my love for TV? It's Fall Season Premiere week!!!!! This week kicks off two of my dozen or so shows I plan on watching this Season. Tonight? Glee and America's Next Top Model. Sorry President Obama, I'll watch your speech on YouTube. This is the night I have been waiting for since that night in June when I realized The Bachelorette was over and Big Brother wasn't doing it for me anymore.

So, the second reason this is a big week for me revolves around Robbie. In July, he signed up for an entire lifetime with me by asking me to marry him. Having said yes, the two of us enjoyed about two months of engagement bliss. And then we began to plan. After much debate -- or more like me explaining the pros and cons of various dates to Robbie while he responds with "whatever you want" -- we (I) have officially set the date. October 9, 2010. Never thought I would have a Fall wedding but I'll probably explain the logic behind this date in some other post. For now, we are deciding where to have the wedding and it is narrowed down between my hometown of Newton and the place that brought us together, Duke University. Tomorrow and Friday I have meetings lined up with the key wedding players for my dream wedding at both locales so that they can try to woo me to their venues, atmospheres, wedding packages, etc. Pressure is on to say the least.

I acknowledge that this is the third biggest wedding-planning decision behind choosing the right guy to meet you at the end of the aisle and choosing that specific day that you will remind said guy of each year, so I am feeling very eager to have the decision made yet hesitant to actually make it. They both have their pros and cons and you can be sure I am weighing each one heavily (just ask my roommate).

That being said, a lot is going on in the next few days and I promise to update you on the outcomes of these hours in front of the TV and hours in front of caterers, wedding directors, etc. Let's just hope that in one year I am as, if not more so, excited about the 2010 Fall TV Season and our upcoming wedding (come on Glee, don't blow all this hype). I imagine I will be, but if not, I can count on taking a break from tying mesh bags of birdseed closed to focus a little on Michael Scott and who is not the biggest loser for that week.

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