Saturday, August 29, 2009

This livin' is so MACnificent . . .

Today was a big day for me.  A huge day.  

I became a new woman, so-to-speak.  I see the world with an entirely new set of eyes. 

Today, I became a Mac.  

I abandoned my previous twenty years of PC living (although my family's first computer was a very boxy Apple IIGS) and ventured into the always-crowded Apple Store.  I strode past the other folks checking their emails and playing Wheel of Fortune on the iPhones and walked up to a guy wearing a blue Apple shirt and declared "I am ready to buy a Mac!"  He turned around and kindly informed me that I would need to visit the lady in the orange Apple shirt, put my name on the list, and I would then be called when a clerk became available.  My response -- "Seriously?"  The guy laughed and said it should not take too long.  So, I did as I was told and thirty minutes later I was being helped by a not-nearly-close-enough-to-looking-like-Justin-Long clerk who showed me my options.  My mom and I were slightly bum fuddled the entire time but we managed to walk out with a new MacBook (as basic as they come), Apple Care for three years (so when Newt sits on my computer and breaks it I will be covered), and a free IPod Touch.  Not too shabby I'd say.  

So, on this Saturday night, I will either be video chatting, watching YouTube videos, or simply staring at my thirteen inches and five pounds of Apple joy -- dreaming of the months to come with my very own MacBook.  My digital photos should be more pristine, my Facebook and Twitter pages will be more frequently updated, wedding planning should be a piece of cake, and life will be even more rosy.  Turn the clock to zero, boss . . . I've started up a brand new day!

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