Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Season of Beginnings

Happy Lent! I realize I am about five hours early but I wanted to be sure to greet my faithful readers appropriately . . . Happy Lent it is.

As this new (Church) season begins, I am beginning a few new things. First, there is the standard, "what-am-I-giving-up-for-Lent" decision and I must say, I've got a good one this year. I will use my blog to expound on how it goes (or doesn't go). I am giving up something that is such a modern-day convenience that it seems so obvious and perfect to me now that I can't believe I've never thought to do it before. No, it's not a TV -- come on people, this is about sacrificing not taking a turn at living in hell. No, it's not electricity, or anything broad like that. This year, for Lent, I am giving up . . . Microwaves! Pretty good, right? So, I will have my last bag of 94% Fat Free Pop Secret Popcorn tonight and prepare myself for the next forty days filled with reheating via the stove and oven, eating more fresh and ready-to-eat foods, and having sandwiches for lunch (no more Lean Cuisines). Should be interesting . . .

That brings me to my second 'new' thing except this isn't quite as novel as it appears. Everyone knows I love to eat but everyone might not know how much I love to cook. That being said, I have spent a lot of time on cooking blogs the past couple weeks and really love how the journey through a recipe is perfect ground to writing about one's day-to-day lives. So I may try that here and there as I prepare more fresh food and create more meals via cooking and not just heating up. And I'll use this as a chance to tell you, dear reader, about my day, the subsequent repast, and hopefully expose you to some humor and good eats.

The final thing I will be beginning this Lenten season is a new book. I just finished The Berlin Stories for the CLT book club I am in. I conveniently finished it the day before Ash Wednesday so I'm going to see how many books I can get through by Easter. This will be tricky considering I've got a major backlog of magazines but we'll see how I deal with the challenge.

So, in closing, sit back. Be patient while I make some dinner. But be excited that I will be telling you about the dinner while also passing on some good recommendations in the book department to keep you occupied while you wait for me to bake my potato in the oven (the audacity!) instead of the microwave (who cares if the skin turns to rubber -- it's done in 6 minutes). And don't worry, I promise my first food post will not be about a baked potato.

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